Hello, and welcome to my site! 

Since you are here, you should be interested in film scores or me! So let me tell you a little bit about myself first. 


My Background: 

I grew up in Taiwan, and have been a big fan of music all my life. In college, I started writing songs for my friends, and my songs won me a couple awards. I came to the US in 2010 and got my master's degree in Arts Management from Carnegie Mellon University. In 2013, I came to Los Angeles to study film scoring at UCLA Extension. I currently work full time as a freelance composer based in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.   


My Music: 

I'm fascinated with all styles of music, and also curious to experiment creating new sounds. I have scored for trailers, commercials, drama, romance, animation, thriller, action, comedy, etc. I'm confident analyzing a film and giving the best quality music that suits each character and the scene. That said, my music is very versatile, ranging from classical symphony to jazz, blues, folk, rock, and avant-garde experimental synthetic music. I also write and produce customized songs for my clients. 


My Interests  Besides Music: 

I love nature. I like to bike and hike. I super care about our earth and hope everyone can do the same! 


About You and Your Project: 

You can be a student, amateur or professional. I will not treat your project differently. I do charge differently for student films (usually 30% off). Your project could be a film, a commercial, a stage play, a TV show, a video game...or any media! Or you can be someone who needs a song for any occasion. 


Here you have a basic idea of the price: 

1-3 minutes of music: $300-$600 

3-5 minutes of music: $600-$900 

5-8 minutes of music: $900-$1200 

8-10  minutes of music: $1200-$1500 

10+ minutes of music: send me a message to discuss more 


The price includes unlimited revisions. I will do my best to make you happy. :) 

It includes my service of music spotting, original music composition, music midi orchestration, mixing and mastering. I use Logic Pro X to generate my music. Don't worry, I'm very very good at making my music sound like live instruments. However, this price doesn't include hiring real players or recording fees. If you love real recording (I do, too!) and have the budget, please contact me and we can make it happen! 


Want to know more about anything else? 

Send me a message!!