1. Unfriend me

composed by- Lin Hsieh
Lyrics- Lin Hsieh
Vocal- Haoyue Kuang

we're finally almost neighbors
after so long far apart
i hardly knew you before
The distance was so far
connection grown from separation
connection grown from separation

You said "door is always open"
So tomorrow I'll come see you
Did you get my message?
Now did you get my call?
What did i do wrong, tell me
What did i do wrong

tonight i will be worried, tonight I will forgive
tonight i will be wondering, is it something that I did
I open up my facebook page, and click on your name
Can’t believe what i’ve seen, you‘ve unfriended me

unfriend me , that is what you did to me
you erase me from your life, and I don’t know why
Unfriend me, you can consider me gone
unfriend me, who will save you when you drown
unfriend and forget

I thought you seemed so lonely
I wished the best for you
Even though you were lonely
no one asked you to rely on me
And all you did is unfriend me